Answer Key, Vol.1
Verb Key, Vols. 1 & 2
English-Yiddish Glossary, Vols. I & II

Introduction to Yiddish Answer Key by Sheva ZuckerThe Answer Key contains all the answers to the exercises in Volume 1. In many cases several possible answers are given where they apply. This key will be helpful to teachers by helping to reduce the hours of grading assignments and to students by providing immediate feedback to their homework, and by requiring them to give extra attention to it.

The Verb Key contains all the verbs introduced in both Volume 1 & 2. Verbs are listed by infinitve. First person singular is given and irregularities where they exist. Past participle, first person singular future tense and present participle are also given.

English-Yiddish Glossary contains the glossary for words used in both Volumes 1 & 2. The gender of nouns are given as well as both singular and plural forms. Verbs are listed with past participles and auxiliary verbs for past tense conjugation. The phonetic pronunciation of words derived from Loshn-koydesh (Traditional Hebrew) is also given. The lesson in which each word appears is also given. The book contains a Yiddish-English Glossary.

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