Audio recordings to Yiddish: An Introduction (Volume II) by Sheva Zucker

Audio recordings to Yiddish: An Introduction (Volume II) by Sheva Zucker

audio-recordings of Sheva Zucker's Yiddish textbook

Sheva Zucker’s audio programs fill a vital gap for students of Yiddish who rarely have a chance to hear the mame-loshn spoken in an educated, authentic way. They are also an important complement to the major new textbooks Zucker produced to facilitate the study of Yiddish in an academic setting. My students and students of the Yiddish Institute gobble them up.”

Miriam Koral, Founder & CEO, California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language; and Lecturer in Yiddish at UCLA and the University of Judaism.

These recordings are an ideal companion to the textbook. They are available in memory stick or CD format. They feature the dialogues, stories, grammar, exercises, songs and proverbs that appear in the book. In addition there are questions and answers for all of the dialogues, stories and songs. All of the songs are sung to musical accompaniment. Recordings are narrated in Standard Yiddish.

“Sheva Zucker’s textbook is an outstanding achievement that brings students closer to all the charms of Yiddish as a spoken language. A myriad of worlds comes alive for them – folksongs and expressions, traditional sources and works of modern Yiddish literature. Each new step on the road to learning Yiddish is thus transformed into a rich and deep cultural experience.”

Professor Avrom Novershtern, Yiddish Dept., Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Approximately 13 hours listening time. 10 CDs/1 Memory stick

TO ORDER: Memory Stick $35.00. CDs no longer available.

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International $19.50

Several sticks may be ordered for most countries for the same price.

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